Looking Forward To The Next Show!

I would recommend them to my girlfriends and anybody who’s looking for fun time. I have been to two shows already and looking forward to going to the next one. I was pleasantly surprised at the first show, so I returned, and will come back again. The entertainers are very nice, professional, and courteous. They have choreographed dances, and use different costumes. My friend was kind of nervous going with me to the show, but we both were having lots of fun. She saw that guys (performers) would not do something, or would not make you do something, you are not comfortable with. They even make sure girls’ skirts did not ride up, when giving lap dances to girls. Very nice of them. These shows are for females only, and all the women at the club were having fun, screaming and laughing. It was so much fun actually. All performers were good looking and nice, they made sure all girls were having fun. For my birthday I brought my other three girlfriends. We were called up on stage for different routines. We had lots of laughs and lots of attention from the performers. One performer even let me undress him, that was super hot. Music was great, we got up and danced. The rest of the audience was comprised of women of all ages. The entertainers made sure each one of the women had fun, they paid attention to each and every one, they were very personable and charming. If you pay online for tickets, they put you on the list, and they treat you as a VIP as soon as you walk in. I recommend everyone to go check them out.

  • Olenaa May, 09 2015


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