Tropical storm – Whiskey North June 11.

Tropical storm

What’s there to expect in semi-tropical Florida in June?  Rain of course!  Tropical storm, lightning, wet and Thunder outside, Men of Florida Thunder’s hot bodies inside at Whisky North.

As the ladies were waiting to get in from rain, some asked if we had warm blankets inside.  We have something better than that.  Hard Bodies in our male revue show.  They come in all kinds of different sizes and skin colors. The men in question are the show.  Hot blooded exotic dancers, warming up, getting dressed, to undress in front of your eyes.

Nichole’s bachelorette party was first to arrive.  They were hungry for food, but we only have sweet dessert tonight.  While the bride to be was distracted, Priya upgraded the bachelorette’s general admission ticket to a Guest of Honor Package.  That’s a VIP dance Magic Mike style on center stage, which makes the bachelorette part of the the show.  As Nichole was tossed around like a rag doll, picked up in the air, turned upside down several times, there were hundreds of pictures and many many videos taken.

We had a birthday girl, Wendy, accompanied by her hubby this time around.  We do let a limited number of gentleman in to the Florida Thunder Male Revue Show, with the understanding that the show is for ladies.
In the Greater Tampa Bay Area, men have more than 400 “gentlemen’s” clubs to visit, almost any night of the week.  Men in The Show allow the ladies to let their hair down, just this one night of the week during this Chippendale quality private show.
Didn’t have to worry about this birthday girl’s hubby.  He was cheering her on, taking pix and videos of Wendy’s VIP dance, up close and zooming right in.

Annie wants to get married in two weeks.  But not before she had the ride of her life.  When she first walked, in, she was a little hesitant.  Coming in from that cold rain, this bachelorette needed a little time to warm up.  Head of bartenders, Jay served up a little liquid courage and there was no stopping her on, from there on.
Annie, Annie, Annie. This little trouble maker wanted to get with one of our trouble makers.  The bride-to-be paid $40 upgrade, herself!  From front row Diva section, to directly onstage with a Guest of Honor Package.  You go girl!

Mason at our office talked with one of the coolest dads, so far this year.  Ruby just turned 18, and dad was hooking her up!  The birthday girl got to take a couple of her bestie with her.  These “virgins”, definitely virgins to a Rock Hard Revue, were the loudest in the entire club.  They raised the roof.

Florida Thunder always welcomes walk-ins.  Men In Show do their best to accommodate.  A group of 11 walking in last minute enjoyed great seating at Whisky North. Thank you ladies for coming from Clearwater.  For better service in future and to take advantage of our online discounted rates, please book in advance.  We are also able to arrange certain entertainers for your liking.

Tropical Storm


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