Virgin Act Special – Platformz, may 20.


Who wants it?? lol Every show we like to warm up our audience to let them know what the VIP Guest of Honor is all about. It’s the most gentle and subtle of the routines: most nights. That wasn’t the case this evening! The men are very good at reading their guest of honor: She gets what she wants for we treat our ladies like the Princess’s we believe they are! #greatwarmup

O-H…. I-O Ohio!! When you plan your bachelorette party from North Eastern Ohio with Florida Thunder in Tampa: That male revue must be doing something right! 😉 Don’t forget to check out Z-Fitness in Girard, OH 44420. For all your workout class needs!!

Sarah planned Aly a bachelorette party to remember! From the hotness to the drinks! Til the sweat drops down my skin!! All routines-teens-teens. #highfivesarah

GOING TO GET MARRIED Shatonia was going to the chapel, going to get marr-airrr-ied. Going to the chapel of love, the very next day! Way to squeeze all your celebration needs into one weekend! #goteambrideshatonia

Bells will ring (ri-ii-iing) (bells will ring) The sun will shine (hey hey hey yeah) (the sun will shine) I’ll be hers (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) (I’ll be hers) And she’ll be mine (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh) (and she’ll be mine) We’ll love until (we’ll love until) (hey hey hey) (we’ll love until) The end of time (ooo hooo) (the end of time) And we’ll never be lonely anymore!

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