No Cancellations or Disappointed Brides-To-Be Here

No Cancellations or Disappointed Brides-To-Be Here:

“When you’ve planned the perfect birthday celebration or bachelorette party, it’d be nice if ones efforts weren’t ruined by an uncontrollable glitch.  Technology efficiencies aren’t always on your side; but, it meant a lot to me, as host of this night out, when the men of Florida Thunder pulled off a show regardless of the difficulties working against them! ” -anonymous feedback-
#dowhatittakes #guestsappreciate

Thank You Shout Out:
Thank you to all of the early-arriving guests for your patience while we waited for TECO to do their thing.

Teachers, Nurses, Attorneys:
Your secret is safe with us!  We will honor your request to not mention your names! Even the serious female professionals need a time and place where one can unwind and turn our brains off. Glad you’all enjoyed the classiest of Florida Thunder’s choreographed handsome hunk show! #redefiningstandards #classyentertainment

Musical VIP Guest of Honor?? …
Beautiful and Pregnant! :
Glowing bride to be, Anya, chose to let one of the bridesmaids take her hot seat spotlight.  “Thank you, Florida Thunder, for accommodating my needs on such a last minute request; you were so easy to work with!”, “We all enjoyed the evening!”.

Renewing Your Wedding Vows?:
April has the right idea, after 10 years of marriage, choosing to renew wedding vows and celebrating with a male revue. Best friends invited, only! 😉 #nodrama #bestmalerevue #gilrsnightrules #bff

Please Excuse My Friend, She Hasn’t Been Out in A While:
Thats what friends are for!! Ashley and her crew were a real treat to have! We love being the excitement of a past due night out on the town!
In fact: Sara had so much fun that she insisted on hiring one of the hot men models of Florida Thunder for a private party she is planning!

Why Isn’t He Dancing Tonight??? / Repeat Business:
“Hello, I want to know why the hot man at the bar isn’t dancing this evening… He told me that his boss pulled him from the show?  That’s not right!”
Boss Reply: “Well, he was requested for a private party, starting at 10 PM; he can’t be in two places at once. I’m sorry for your disappointment, but I had to do, what I had to do.”
Guest Reply: “I’d like to reserve his entertainment services for another evening, is that possible?”
Boss Reply: “Absolutely. I can make that happen.”

Thank you for being so sweet and making us feel so loved.


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