Florida Thunder aims to please.

Florida Thunder aims to please.

Fun filled and greatly successful Saturday night at Whiskey North, during which Florida Thunder received some frenetic phone calls: “We’ve got a bachelorette and 16 girls on our party bus and we don’t have anyplace truly fun to take them on a Saturday night in Greater Tampa Bay! Please, please, can you help us?!”
Da’Goat Entertainment was in touch with us 2-3 months ago about doing business with Florida Thunder, but this was the first time, they actually wanted to use our services.
We do our best to accommodate them and told them, Zsolt will be available by 10:30 pm The party bus came directly to the back parking lot of Whiskey North. Zsolt got up on bus, dressed as a police officer to check for ID’s on the ladies. Since his uniform is an actual Tampa Policeman outfit, the girls looked worried that they may be in trouble for drinking. Before the mood turned sour, the music kicked in and the bachelorette Meilynn got picked on. She did not see the surprise coming. Instead of getting arrested, she received some special treatment. Zsolt is not just an officer but a gentleman as well.
The heat turned up when the bachelorette’s friends showered Meilynn with dollar bills. Clapping screaming and encouraging her. It felt like the paparazzi was on board. All the flashes and videos going at the same time. Felt like 30 cameras going at one time!
After some lap dances and many different positions with the guest of honor, she found a new position. She became the boss, all of the sudden. Meilynn got to pick the next girl to get in that hot seat. Guess what happened next? She got pay-back time, by placing bills anywhere she liked! Nothing is sweeter than instant karma, she said to Zsolt.
It quickly got hot inside the bus, so they opened the top hatch for some fresh air. Our entertainer picked up one of the girls, with her legs open, facing him, our dancer put the girl on his shoulders. Her head was outside of the bus. Thru that open hatch laughing, yelling and screaming out of joy, to people getting out of their cars. After all how often do you get to ride an officer on the bus?!
Next time you want to party: Save a horse! Ride the officer of Florida Thunder.


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